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3M Authorized Dealer Specializing in 3M Window Tinting and Water Filtration Systems.

At Hogan Ventures, we believe that good quality living should be for everyone, starting with one of the most basic of necessities – our home. Referring to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we need to first satiate our psychological needs before moving up to attain the next level up of the pyramid.

Living in a country with a tropical climate, we are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays and scorching heat – keeping ourselves hydrated at all times is one of the key ingredients towards a quality lifestyle.

With that inspiration in mind, we started sourcing for quality options and alternatives in the market and found a globally reputable and reliable brand – 3M. We have since secured an authorized dealership with them to provide building films, water filtration and other household products to serve our target audience.

3M™ Authorized Dealer

Building Film

We take a consultative approach to finding the best solution to save on energy bills, protect your family and your valuable assets, while at the same time strive to create a comfortable living environment. Our wide range of window tinting products includes solar film, safety & security films, decorative films with various colors, tint density and heat rejection capabilities. With UV rejection as high as 99.9 percent and infrared rejection up to 97 percent, our films reduce the two leading causes of fading in household furniture.

As an authorized dealer and applicator of 3M high-performance window film, we pride ourselves in delivering top-notch customer service before and after installation for each and every client – be it residential or commercial. Our team of professional 3M trained and certified installers goes through annual refresher training with 3M Malaysia to maintain their knowledge and skill set of official 3M application methods.

Water Purification & Filtration

The 3M water purification and filtration range caters to both residential and commercial needs from whole-house systems including table top dispensers, to heavy duty food & beverage needs.

We take pride in sharing honest advice with absolute transparency – and in tailoring that solution to your unique needs.

Household Products

The 3M household range of product offerings boast a creative, simple, and efficient way to cater for both the home or at the office. From bandages to sandpaper, office display boards to paint remover, 3M has over 100 years of experience of making sure whatever project you’re tackling is done right.

Our range includes bandages, braces and medical tape, Post-it branded products and labels for workspace organization, and home-care offerings such as hooks and tape, to insect repellant, cleaning, repairing and crafting items. Make your chores easier, so you can get back to living.

Home Furnishing & Decoration

Hogan Ventures vast experience in the home and furnishing industry has led to the introduction of home-grown furnishing brand Arturo Home in 2018.

Their objective is to deliver good looking and high quality pieces without the over-inflated price tag. This is made possible with their close collaboration and ties with various local manufacturers that are passionate about their craft. By also utilizing online retailing platforms direct to you, unnecessary cost is cut and transformed into savings for the customer.

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