How can I be assured that we are getting the genuine 3M Building Film product?

A warranty letter will be issued by 3M Malaysia upon completion of installation. This warranty letter will only be issued by 3M Malaysia if the dealer is an active 3M Authorised Dealer and it’s applicator is a certified 3M applicator. Non-authorised dealer will only issue the warranty under their own company name and not by 3M Malaysia hence warranty coverage is only by the company themselves and not recognised by 3M Malaysia.

What is the warranty coverage?

All 3M building film is warranted against peeling and discoloration for a period of 5 – 10 years depending on the type of film.

What is the warranty coverage and how can I make a claim if if I encounter any issues with window film?

Simply contact us or 3M Malaysia and we will be attending to you soonest possible.